At Schupepe Tents, our wedding marquee installations are done by the most experienced tent riggers in New Zealand, who each year during the Northern hemisphere summer, lend their services to our UK/European counter-parts to ensure that we share and follow best practices and keep up to speed on emerging trends.

We pride ourselves in having the best marquee installation and rigging techniques in New Zealand, which means that each installation is not only safe and secure but also results in an impressive, chic and stylish look every time.

Our unique and innovative Freeform® tents have a specially developed 2-way stretch fabric that give the riggers the ability to configure your wedding marquee in a variety of different shapes in traditionally awkward environments. Our wedding marquees are lighter and less bulky than alternatives and they go up comparatively quickly, with a smaller team, and with less impact on the venue.

Our wedding marquees can be rigged on the beach, on fields, off walls, over pools and balconies, around trees – you name it, we can rig around it! We simply put poles of varying lengths into the fabric to create dramatic shapes unique to your needs. With our wedding marquees you can let your imagination run wild, because they can conform to any idea!


Site Inspection (no cost, no obligation) – Prior to any job we carry out a site inspection at the chosen venue. Here we will discuss your requirements with you and the options available regarding the positioning of the tent and the installation of it.

Setting up – Our crew will arrive on the day and time arranged, and will efficiently and professionally install your wedding marquee, and the interiors, according to the agreed interior equipment list. Prior to our crew departing, they will conduct a series of “final checks” before handing over the equipment to you. The crew leader will go through the equipment list with you, double checking that everything is indeed present and run through various points you will need to know.

Dismantling – Once your wedding is over, our crew will arrive on the day and time arranged to take down the tents and remove everything from site. We will stock check everything before we begin and if anything is missing or broken, we’ll discuss it with you. Once the site is cleared and the vehicles loaded, our crew will walk the site and ensure that we leave the it clean and tidy.

On site support – If you so desire, we can provide crew members to be on site during your wedding – or on standby. If not requested to do so, we do not leave anyone on site.

Contact Schupepe Tents today to find out more about our wedding marquee hire installation process and let us help you to create the wedding day of your dreams.